Thursday, February 12, 2009

Underpinnings and Garage Slab

It was great to walk over to the house and see the garage slab poured. I have some comfort that we'll still have a little backyard left when all this is over! The first round of underpinning pours also happened today. They'll have to be grouted tomorrow or early next week and then the second round will be poured next Wednesday, and the block will start to be laid the following Monday. If all goes well, that will take a week and then we'll be ready for our steel beams and floor joists!

All weather permitting of course! We have been incredibly lucky with weather this week - basically 10-25 degrees above normal (about 42 degrees). The forecast for the next week or so looks positive but we aren't getting our hopes up (and we're knocking on lots of wood).

Demolition will continue inside for the next couple of days. As you can see from the newest construction photos, most of the interior walls are down that are coming down and the basement ceiling comes down today. We are debating about taking down the existing walls down in the basement because we fear there may be mold back there (both a reason for and against taking it down). We'll make that call tomorrow I think. On the first floor, we can already get a feel for how the new dining room is going to look with the extra 2 feet, and the living room will look quite a bit larger with the extra 3 feet in the back and the large opening into the family room.

Before and after pictures on the right.

More pictures to come!


Victoria Lynn said...

You are going to have the most beautiful house!! Let's pray Will gets relocated to Virginia Beach this summer so I can drive up and see it (and the new baby!)

Melissa said...

I hope you get stationed in VA Beach too! That would be great.

Melissa said...

A few people have asked where the chandelier is... we have it saved in a box in the garage of our rental house. I didn't want anything to happen to it! Incidentally, that was a used furniture store find by my mom about 4 years ago. The original chandelier was hideous. We replaced it with a cheap Lowe's clearance one that I spray painted (which ultimately ended up at my brother's house in Minneapolis). Then my mom found this one.

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